Keeping A Sense of Humour

Daily life can be a struggle sometimes, but it’s important to laugh. Preferably together or simply at me when on the receiving end of D’s still very sharp wit.


Carer: would you like a painkiller?

D: what?

Carer: a paracetamol?

D: what?

Carer: do you have any pain today?

D: what?

Carer: is anything bothering you?

D: only the present government.

Carer: what?!


D : Can I ask you a technical question?

Me: Oh god no. 

D: (Pointing) What’s that’s on the screen?

Me: What? The pop up player?

D: Yeah. What’s a pop up? ……. What’s a player?

Me: (Deep breath) I can’t answer these questions…. you don’t know anything about computers…….

D: (Obviously disappointed) Oh. I see. ….Do you take this novel approach to teaching with your students?

Me: !!!!!!



D: That talking Amazon thing you got me doesn’t work.  

Me: Oh dear. Is it plugged in?

D: Yes.

Me: The internet seems to be working ok…..

D: I say ‘hey Alexander’ and nothing. 

Me: Alexa 

D: Yes it doesn’t work. 

Me: No, it’s ‘hey Alexa’

Alexa: ‘how can I help?’



Me: Did you enjoy the food?

D: Yes but there was something missing.

Me: Oh what was that?

D: A microscope to see the tiny portions



Me: What would you like in your sandwich? Cheese with butter or cheese with salad and mayonnaise?

D: Tuna mayonnaise please.

Me: The choice is cheese or cheese salad mayo.

D: Tuna mayo 

Me: There’s none, David. Which of the two choices would you like?

D: Oh just tuna then. 

Me: there’s no tu…… never mind. 

I make cheese …with salad mayo on the side….he’s happy.


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1 thought on “Keeping A Sense of Humour

  1. Rossana Poblet Sep 30, 2018 — 6:32 pm

    lovely talks 😀 and yes, made us smile…so glad you share your happy moments and good energy!

    Liked by 1 person

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