Three Types of Fish

318C31B0-471C-4D0C-A1F6-E1DC34F24B8BApril 2018

We’ve just returned from an Austrian restaurant nearby. And I’m feeling full. 

The menu was in German and the attractive waitress wearing full dirndl, traditional alpine dress, asked if we needed it translated. Fearful we’d be there all night I asked her if there was much fish on the menu. ‘Oh we have lots of varieties!’ she replied ‘we have sea trout , river trout and our local trout’ 

‘what’s that?’ I asked. 

‘Local trout is from our aquarium – if you want that it goes kaput ‘ and she drew her forefinger across her throat and mimicked a gapping expression. ‘Three kinds of trout ‘ she proudly exclaimed ‘all with fried potatoes’ 

‘What vegetarian dishes do you have?’ I asked. 

‘Cheese dumplings, cheese dumplings in soup or cheese dumplings in sauce.‘ three varieties of dumpling’ She grinned. 

‘Can have them in sauce bitte? I said. David ordered the already kaput sea trout.

The salad bar was free. As much sour kraut as you could eat. Not much as it turns out. 

My food arrived in a large iron pan hotter than the centre of the earth. The cheese dumplings were in cheese sauce and covered in cheese. Three types of cheese.

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